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The importance of a home inspection for an existing home cannot be over-emphasized. Whether you plan to buy a home, remodel your current home, or sell your home, a professional home inspection is a valuable tool.Enjoy your New Home!

Many homeowners obtain professional home inspections prior to listing their homes, repair the identified problem areas, and then use the inspection report as a “good faith” sales tool.

As an added service, we can provide you with 50 full color summaries that include a photo of your home for prospective purchasers to take with them.

Age, maintenance, usage, climate, materials used in construction, and methods of construction are all factors that determine how gracefully a home ages.  A professional home inspection can identify problems and provide recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

Home inspections performed prior to renovation or remodeling work can include recommendations to bring your home up to current Code or to improve safety. A professional home inspection performed after your renovation is just as important to make sure the work complies with current Codes and to ensure that the work was done properly.

Here’s a short list of some of the items that I carefully check on each home inspection:

  1. Exterior siding material is evaluated for condition and water tightness
    (especially important on EFIS and hard coat stucco homes)
  2. All interior drywall, flooring, lighting, stairs, in each room
  3. HVAC systems checked for operation
  4. Roof condition and all roof stacks and penetrations
  5. Also, we check for safety concerns, health issues–does the
    duct work need cleaning–and energy efficiency, in addition to making
    suggestions for preventive maintenance and future upgrades to increase your
    comfort and safety while protecting your investment.

The checklist I use on each home inspection is over 500 items! You can rest assured that the inspection I perform for you will be thorough and comprehensive.  All home inspections are completed to comply with ASHI’s tough standards.

I’m a Code Certified home inspector (ICC Certification) as well as ASHI certified.  This means you can have peace of mind that your new home will be thoroughly checked for code compliance as well as for safety issues.

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